Treatment schedule

The actual treatment for excessive sweating involves passing a current one way for a fixed time (polarity 1) and then reversing the current (polarity 2) for the same amount of time. The time of treatment varies from 20-40 minutes depending on whether you are treating the axillae (underarms), hands, hands and feet or feet only (see the table below).

It is important that the protocol is followed for the first phase of treatment. The first month involves seven sessions as follows:

Day 1, day 2, day 4, day 7, day 10, day 15 and day 22.

Please note that treatment will still work if you cannot make a session on the exact day but can have a session close to the scheduled day.

After this initial phase it is recommended that a single maintenance treatment is performed as soon as the hands, feet or axillae become clammy and before sweating starts again. The frequency of the maintenance sessions varies with the individual and may be anything from twice a week to a month or so. You should continue this maintenance treatment as required.

*Please note the machine will only work when the circuit is completed by placing the hands and/or feet in the water baths or the wet axillae pads are applied firmly in place.

Length of Iontophoresis treatment times

Extremities to be treated Total
Hands only 20 mins
Feet only 30 mins
1 hand and 1 foot (2 extremities only, Idrostar and i2ma) 20 mins each side
Both hands and feet (only with the iomax 4, Idrostar Pro and Idrostar Pro Pulse) 20 mins
Axillae 20 mins