Iontophoresis machines

The Idrostar and Idrostar + iontophoresis machines are designed for home use. The i2ma is intended for home or clinic use. The Idrostar Pro Pulse replaces the iomax 4 and Idrostar Pro and is intended for hospital/clinic or home use and is able to treat four extremities at once. It also has the option of a pulsed current.

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Common features are listed below.

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Machine features

  • All our iontophoresis machines use batteries rather than mains power

Please note all of the machines are powered by internal batteries during treatment. The Idrostar Pro Pulse and i2ma iontophoresis machines have built-in internal rechargeable batteries (please note they will not work when connected to mains electricity to recharge the batteries). The Idrostar iontophoresis machine uses 4 x AA batteries.

Our battery powered iontophoresis machine are as successful in treating hyperhidrosis as mains powers machines.

Most iontophoresis machines on the market have a similar power output. Power is voltage x current and the output is very similar for all the machines that we have had tested by an independent company. There is no evidence that a mains powered machine is more powerful than a good battery powered machine. Nor is there any evidence that a more powerful iontophoresis machine is more effective at treating hyperhidrosis. Most people can only tolerate a moderate power output which is easily achieved with battery powered machines.

The main advantage of battery powered iontophoresis machines is that you can use them wherever you want and you are not restricted to being near a mains socket.

  • Stainless steel plates and acrylic meshes.

All of our iontophoresis machines use medical grade stainless steel for the electrode plates and have acrylic meshes to cover the plates. Flannel coverings for the electrodes are not recommended because of the risk of cross infections, they require more work to keep clean and need replacing more regularly than our stainless steel electrodes and acrylic meshes.

  • Are the iontophoresis machines current or voltage generators?

It is believed to be the current that is important for the treatment and therefore these machines are all current generators and maintain a constant current rather than a constant voltage.

  • Two year warranty and replacement parts.

The iontophoresis machines are covered by a two year warranty. If you require replacement items please contact us for prices.

  • Free support and shipping to suit you.

For shipping charges outside of the UK mainland please contact our customer services team.

If you have any questions or queries before or after buying an iontophoresis machine please contact our customer services team they have over 50 years of combined experience in iontophoresis and will be able to help you. We will contact you when your order is ready to arrange a suitable time for delivery of your order.