I was very hesitant about buying an iontophoresis machine and more than a little sceptical at first.

My daughter who is 18, has hyperhidrosis on hands, feet and axilla, and has had for all her teenage years. As she is studying musical theatre this was a big problem for her as she felt extremely self-conscious and was really holding back on any physical contact etc. during dance and acting classes. She was often very tearful about this clammy, wet condition. She could hold her hands with fingers pointing to floor and watch the drops of sweat falling off them. We kept thinking she might grow out of it, but it got worse if anything, and her tolerance of it got less.

We tried many things. Hypnotherapy, all sort of strong deodorants, stress reduction techniques (not that she was particularly stressed, but we thought that might be a possible underlying cause), sweat pads to stick on clothes. I took her to the doctor, who had very little to offer in the way of help. A prescription for driclor was basically all they could do, and some powder for her hands. The powder was useless, just clumped up in a paste as soon as it touched her sweating palms. Driclor was more successful, but unpleasant to use as it caused her skin to turn very red and sore, with a burning sensation. It kept her axilla drier than usual (for her), but she wasn't happy about using it too often as it was so painful to her sensitive skin.

We saw the tv programme, 'Embarrassing Bodies', and it featured the condition my daughter had and showed the iontophoresis machine in action. Back to the doctor to enquire about getting the machine on the NHS but she completely dismissed the idea and ridiculed the tv programme. We felt very foolish in even asking! No support from the doctor then!

So I researched the machine myself, read all about it, thought it was bit too expensive and what if it did not work? My husband said he could try making one! This he did, and in due course a very odd looking contraption arrived, 2 metal plates all connected with wires to a car battery! The trouble is it was very basic and it didn't have an on/off switch, so it was 'live' as soon as you put your hands in, sending a horrible jolt of electricity up the arms, like touching an electric fence, and was far too scary to use again. So that item was binned.

My daughter had auditions coming up and she said the aspect she was most nervous about was the initial hand shake on meeting the judges. Almost to the point where she might not be able to even go to the auditions for fear of this. I thought enough is enough! So I contacted STD Pharmaceuticals, and ordered the machine. They were very helpful and it arrived the very next day and my daughter started using it....rather nervously after the experience of the earlier home made version!

It was compact, easy to use, and very importantly, pain free! She used it on her palms and her feet. We followed the protocol as per instructions, and after only 3 sessions, she said "mum, my hands aren't sweating at all any more"! She has continued to use the machine, and we are astounded at the change in her. Her hands used to sweat 99% of the time. Day and night. Now her hands are always dry and pleasant to touch, and she is like a different girl. Happier definitely, and a lot more confident.

She has now finished the initial four week protocol, and we are delighted with the results. I will be ordering the attachments for the axilla area soon because I think it will have a dramatic effect on her under arm sweating.

I recommend trying this machine 100%. My daughter's results are fantastic.


I have hyperhidrosis.

At the age of 18, having suffered the embarrassment of wet hands and feet for some time, I had a Sympathectomy. It worked for my hands and face.

However, I am now nearly 40 and up till 18 months ago thought that that was it - a life resigned to black trousers, 10 pairs of shoes in the summer and basically having to hide my problem.

I then read an article by Dr Mark Porter in the Sainsbury's magazine and realised I was reading all about me. My problem had a name and some solutions. I couldn't believe it. I replied to Sainsbury's and had my letter published!! I then went to the doctors and asked for a referral to the dermatology clinic at Kingston, and in 3 months I was there. The consultant was great, really understood my problem and I was offered iontophoresis.

In May I started my treatment - very strange and no real change at first; but after my sessions, a miracle had happened. My feet no longer sweated - amazing, fantastic! I told everyone!!

I have since bought my own machine and only needed a few sessions to 'top up' and now I can have dry feet whenever I want. I suffered for so long with my problem and did feel annoyed that I was unaware of these treatments.

I would recommend any one to do it. I just need one now for my back, knees and many other places that I don't want to mention; but my feet dont 'glisten' any more when I am out in sandles and dirt does not stick to me.

The most amazing thing was on holiday in the summer when the sand didn't stick to my feet and I could brush it off easily!

Sorry to have waffled on but to get your newsletter was great and I just hope more people can try these new products.

Yes, it is embarrassing, but you learn to cope. No beige trousers for me!!!


After having a months treatment at my local hospital and getting some very good results I purchased the Idrostar Pro Pulse Iontophoresis Machine.

Unfortunately when it arrived it didn't work as expected and I contacted STD Pharmaceuticals. I spoke to a fantastic member of staff who arranged for collection of my machine, she arranged for it to be tested and it was found to be faulty.

She then shipped a new machine to me on next day delivery. I was amazed at this customer service but even more amazed when she called me to see how I was getting on with the machine.

I asked her a few questions that she answered for me and then she called me the following day to make sure my treatment that night had gone okay.

I can not explain how happy I am with the service I have received and I would recommend STD Pharmaceuticals to anyone thinking of getting a machine.


Dear STD Pharmaceuticals

I have lived with hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember and had given up on there being any solution to the problem. However, with my wedding on the horizon, and with encouragement and support from my husband, I started to research on the internet for anything that might help me enjoy my special day rather than be in a terrible state of anxiety about it.

I did not have that much hope that Idrostar would work - I didn't believe that anything could be that good - but thought that it was worth a try. Having seen the results, it is no exaggeration to say that Idrostar is incredible. Without it, I don't think I could have coped with the stress of the day. The thought of all those people focussing on me and my sweaty hands had been enough to give me nightmares. But Idrostar worked (and continues to do so) and performed what I consider a small miracle! My hands were 100% dry (even with all the nerves and the spotlight being on me) and I was able to focus on what really mattered not some silly irritation.

I can't thank you enough for helping me to have the most wonderful wedding and now continuing to be free from hyperhidrosis.


I have had excessively sweaty hands and feet since I was a toddler it was always an inconvenience whilst growing up exams/jobs/boyfriends! etc. I went to the doctors when I was 18 and diagnosed with hyperhidrosis given the option of using a roll on or having an operation which at that age I thought was too drastic so I put up with the sweating until I reached my 30s when I saw a hospital programme on the television where someone was using the machine. I went to my GP but could not get anything on the NHS but she got me some literature on the Idrostar machines so I purchased one. Since using it last year I had my first holiday abroad sweat free! I could wear sandals etc it was brilliant thank you to everyone involved. I would highly recommend it to any other sufferer. Regards NC


Dear all at STD.


I have lived with the demoralising and embarrassing effects of Hyperhydrosis, since I was seven. I have tried creams, sprays, roll-ons and salves with very limited results.

Until, I bought the Idrostar. I completed the recommended treatment last week. And the results have been nothing short of brilliant. Without wanting to sound silly, I can quite honestly say the Idrostar unit has changed my life.

From my initial tentative contact through this email address, to taking receipt of the unit, you have all been very professional and friendly.

Thank you all very much, from the bottom of my heart.


Further comment after being asked if it is OK to use the thank you letter.

Please feel free to use my testimonial, I meant every word of it. It is now six months after my first treatment and I would write the same today as I did then.

After the initial course of treatments, I have found that I now only need to 'top-up', by having two or three sessions every five weeks or so.

I recently changed my job and needed to go back into the classroom to be trained in certain aspects of it. The Idrostar unit has made this an enjoyable experience...No more damp paper or pens that will not write over a wet patch.

Thanks again. You have changed my life.