General questions

Do all our machines work the same? Do they achieve the same results?
What is the difference between the direct current (DC) and the pulsed current?
What are the differences between the machines?
What is a circuit and how do I create one?
I press the button or turn the dial on my iontophoresis machine and the current does not increase?
What does the treatment feel like?
When I treat myself I feel virtually nothing, and yet the display shows that the current is present. Is this normal?
When I do a treatment, my skin goes red above the water level.
What happens if I miss a day during the initial treatment protocol?
The treatment has been unsuccessful after the initial full treatment protocol, are there any other alternatives?
I have a metal implant, is this a contra-indication?
How much water should I put in the trays?
What if I have hyperhidrosis on the back of my hands or the tops of my feet? Can I put more water in the trays?
Will underarm hair effect the treatment of the axillae?
How long should be left after shaving or waxing your armpits before starting treatment?
Can children be treated with Iontophoresis
Where can I get more information on treatments of Hyperhidrosis?

Machine Specific Questions

Why do I have to remove the batteries from my Idrostar?
What are the best batteries to use?
How often should I charge my machine which has an internal battery cell?