Iontophoresis for hyperhidrosis

This web site covers the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) for hands, feet and axillae using tap water iontophoresis. We also provide an overview of what hyperhidrosis is and when to use tap water iontophoresis.

We have been helping people with hyperhidrosis for over 14 years and we recommend tap water iontophoresis as a safe, non invasive treatment of sweaty hands, feet or underarms.

We are a family run company with staff who are dedicated to helping you control your hyperhidrosis. Our customer services team has over 50 years of combined experience and with their in depth knowledge can answer any questions you may have. If you are thinking about buying a machine and have any questions please contact us, we would like to help you and support is free.

We have 4 tap water iontophoresis machines for the treatment of sweaty hands, feet or underarms. The treatment schedule involves seven treatments in the first four weeks followed by top up treatments.

Our iontophoresis machines are used in NHS hospitals throughout the UK and internationally. The machines have been tried and tested for many years in hospitals as well as at home for personal use. Most people tend to buy the Idrostar for home use, but all three machines can be used by individuals at home.

We are often asked if there is any difference between mains and battery powered machines. We have had most iontophoresis machines on the market tested by an independent company and the power output is very similar for all the machines that we have tested.

Power is voltage x current and all of the machines are designed to give a similar output. There is absolutely no evidence that a mains powered machine is more powerful than a battery powered machine. Nor is there any evidence that a more powerful machine is more effective at treating hyperhidrosis. Most people can only tolerate a moderate power output which is easily achieved with battery powered machines.

The main advantages of battery powered machines is that you can use them where ever you want and you are not restricted to being near a mains socket.

The machines have a two year warranty.

For more information on hyperhidrosis please visit: Hyperhidrosis Patient & Medical Staff Support Group UK

Please note that iontophoresis is contra-indicated(must not be used) if you are pregnant, you have a cardiac pacemaker or a similar device, have peripheral neuropathy or if you have metal implants around the treatment area.

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Our Machines
ALL our machines use batteries, some are rechargeable & all can be used with rechargeable batteries. Safety and success of treatment are our main concern. We do not sell mains current machines.